NA NARA is born from the admiration of each one of its components for the traditional music and dance of West Africa.


German (dunduns, balafon), Olek (balafon), Cote (dunduns, djembé, krin), Jan (dunduns), Sündel (Bansuri Indian flute), David (djembé, kamele n'goni, krin, voice), Andrea (dance), Alba (dance, voice).
All them combine to dance, sing and play a wide variety of traditional instruments from West Africa. 
With the baggage of more than 10 years in the study of this traditional music of some of its components, the objective of the group is to take advantage of the knowledge of each member to create a repertoire that is attractive for all kinds of audiences.

The proposal that NA NARA intends to offer, in its beginnings, is a very dynamic visual and sound show, where dance and performance combine with traditional songs and their own, accompanied at all times by a wide variety of instruments. Among all of these, the best known are percussion, such as the Djembé, and the melodic instruments that, on the other hand, are not as well known as Balafón, Kamele N'goni , as well as the incorporation of the Indian Bansuri flute, which gives NA NARA a warm melody.


From the deepest respect and admiration for the culture and traditions of the African continent, NA NARA also understand dance and music as indispensable elements in daily life. 
A perfect spectacle to brighten up a festivity in a happy and joyful way.